Use SPACEBAR to scroll through comics and WASD to move.



Sugar Seduction is a small erotic stealth game featuring horny aliens and colorful anthro characters. You need to help Sugar get to places where she can seduce the wanted aliens while avoid getting caught by unwanted patrollers.


Art & Story: Amortem, MP

Programming: Jymyte

Level design: Eddie93


Artist' Twitter:

Amortem ->

MP ->

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(66 total ratings)
AuthorsJymyte, eddie93, amortem, MustaPantteri
Tags2D, Adult, artgame, Comics, Eroge, Erotic, Furry, Romance, Sci-fi, Stealth
Average sessionA few minutes


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Yo I enjoyed your game. Any chance for a sequel and making the game longer.

t gets stuck at "Ugh... It's almost time for work again..."

Love the music though

press spacebar

Hey , the game didn't load up for me, until I switch off the "shields" in Brave, which was disabling google analytics ( I guess in firefox requires disable Ublock, or whatever)

Not really loading for me


Its a good game I just wish there were a more obvious path to go so I didn't get lost


I'm unable to play this game due to Unity WebGL not loading fully, it just gets stuck at like 90% - using the Windows 10 desktop app, not an individual browser, so I doubt it's on my end as it seems to be a common problem.

Here's a link to a discussion for how to fix it, but it appears this needs to be done on the developer's end, from Unity itself.


I really like the comic-style in which the illustrations are shown. In combination with the soundtrack it gives the game a great vibe. :D

If there where a downloadable version, I'd definitely buy it. For me the HTML5 version basically worked but the game partially slowed down remarkably at certain (probably random) points (maybe just a problem I personally encounter).


i cannot for the life of me finish this game it's been 30 minutes and i'm gonna break my spacebar skipping can someone pls make a video walkthrough 


whenever i try to run the game the bar for loading get stuck at almost fill

how do i fix

I experienced this problem too, no matter how long I wait. The bar only fills most of the way, it never reaches the end....

"Ugh... It's almost time for work again..." with a black screen

It doesn't progress after this. I just hear the music loop.

space continued the dialogue for me

the game doesn't seem to want to launch, know anyway to fix this?

(1 edit)

It's propably javascript not running on your browser. Maybe your browser doesn't support it or there is some plugin prohibiting scripts, like noscript or adblock.